Burning The Only Real Bridge I Have To Burn

"Have you planned anything for your last day?" asked Gawker emperor Nick Denton the other afternoon. "Jessica set a very high bar when she left, and you need to exceed it." Nick was referring to former Gawker editor Jess Coen's departure day, when she famously took the opportunity to excoriate Joe Dolce for being a… » 10/05/07 5:31pm 10/05/07 5:31pm

Pubic Hair Area Rug

Each week, our commenters blab and blab and blab. We used to reward them arbitrarily with a night in our Gold Star Motel. But that was just to get them to shut up. Who will listen to them? Who will care? Not us! But we know who cares: Crazed uber-commenter — and Gawker employee! Oh, the scandal! — LolCait cares! » 10/05/07 4:40pm 10/05/07 4:40pm

Bearforce1 In America! The Video Interview

Remember Bearforce1, the world's first all-bear Dutch synth-disco boi-band? Of course you do! Well, they're in New York for their big American appearances, and our Rod Townsend and Nick McGlynn sat down with the bears last night for an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW (as they say in the tabloids) that includes a live a cappella… » 10/04/07 2:27pm 10/04/07 2:27pm